Chernobyl, Ukraine | Photo Essay

A visit to Chernobyl and the radioactive ghost town of Pripyat offers a glimpse into a world locked far behind the Iron Curtain that no longer exists. The scenery on the dusty road from Kiev to Chernobyl morphs from industrial skylines to overgrown forests that surround the nuclear disaster zone. When arrived at the site I felt like I’ve landed in a fabled place that most will only ever see in history books. The deeper I got, the excitement gave way to an eerie sensation as wave after wave of the devastation and events that day actually started to hit me. One of the biggest factors in choosing to go now was to see this evolving landscape before it’s too late. The forest is swallowing the town of Pripyat, and rain, snow, and wild dogs are taking a toll on the buildings. Visiting the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone was for sure one of the most unsettling experiences I’d ever had.


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