Matthijs Kok is a Product Designer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Product Design at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam in 2015. In his work he focuses himself in experimenting with materials and production techniques, resulting in pushing boundaries of material possibilities and astonishing products. Matthijs started to work for 3D Systems in 2013 as a Product Designer and 3D modeler, translating the possibilities and innovations of 3D printing into design for consumer products and interior accessories. Since mid-2016 he started to work as the Creative Director of Freshfiber, a pioneering European design agency bringing revolutionary technologies such as 3D printing to stores worldwide.

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As well being a designer, Matthijs likes to curate and photograph products and share them on Pinterest. He has a following of around 27.000 people. He’s worked on promotional photography projects for many brands, including VERK Watches, Nuura Lighting, Cloudnola Clocks, Freshfiber, Horizn Studios, Memobottle, Kapten & Son Watches, Faune Magazine, THIS ORIENT’ Magazine and Our Theory Of Watches. If you’re interested in working with Matthijs, get in touch.