Make adding a chic print to any surface a piece of cake.

Patterned Paint Rollers | Cubify, 2015

3D printable paint roller set to easily recreate the look of a classic wallpaper. The roller handles are reusable and interchangeable. They have a place to put a small sponge feed foam roller, and a spot for the 3D printed roller. The rollers have embossed surfaces to paint  patterns. The consumer can select and download rollers with various designs from various collections. The patterns are without visible seams and can be used vertically and horizontally. The rollers can be used on walls, but also on furniture, paper and various fabrics.

This project includes three roller collections:

GEOMETRIC COLLECTION: Chevron, Voronoi, Trefoil & Honeycomb patterns
ORGANIC COLLECTION: Wood, Wave, Fishscale & Flower patterns
CHRISTMAS COLLECTION: Snowflake & Christmas tree patterns


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