Customizable Sandcastle Molds

A modular sandcastle mold, to playfully practice architecture and design.

Customizable Sandcastle Molds | Cubify, 2014

A modular sandcastle mold to create keeps and towers, iron gates, pointed arches and brick fortifications. Just get the right ratio of sand to water going, and see what magnificent creations take shape. The playful possibilities are endless and kids can playfully practice architecture and design.

1) Grab your frame and flip it upside down to start combining the pieces and designing your mold.
2) Once all the components are in place, fill it with wet sand.
3) Pack the sand down tightly to remove any air.
4) Flip it upside down and remove the frame and pieces one by one for a grand reveal!
5) The lines created by the mold can be smoothed away with a finger, or left intact for a stone-cut vibe.


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