Turn your tabletop into a fun zone, or print some games to keep everyone entertained on long road trips.

Tabletop Games | Cubify, 2015

This Tabletop Games Collection is ideal entertainment for parties, barbecues and other get-togethers.Turn your tabletop into a fun zone, or print some games to keep everyone entertained on long road trips.

The Cubify Tabletop Games Collection includes a tabletop ping pong set, finger soccer game, tabletop shot roulette and a tabletop bowling kit. All of the games are suitable for two or more players and will provide fun for the whole family.


Ping Pong Set | Kids Tabletop Games

Think fast! Tabletop tennis is your next obsession. 3D print paddles in one or two colors with a different pattern on each side. Mix and match the handles and paddles for color coordinated teams. The two net holders have a clever little coil that adjusts to different table thicknesses. Just get yourself a net and a ball and serve up some friendly competition.


Tabletop Bowling Set | Kids Tabletop Games

Spare time takes on a whole new meaning. Tabletop Bowling includes a launch ramp, a lane that prints in 2 parts and fits snugly together and ten pins you can print in one or two colors. Use a marble for the bowling ball and get rolling.

Shot Roulette | Kids Tabletop Games

3D print your own mini roulette wheel in four parts, then grab your luckiest marble (or ball bearing) and take it for a spin. Raise the stakes with shot roulette. The roulette base comes complete with 8 handy shot glass holders. Put a spin on the game by making your own house rules!

Finger Soccer | Kids Tabletop Games

Create your fantasy “footie” field and 3D print everything you need to play: two goals, one ball and two multicolor shoes and socks, the whole game 3D prints on one print plate. Loyal fans can print extra footwear in their team colors. Goooooal!!


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