Amman’s layered history is reflected in its diverse people and its varied architecture. Home to numerous churches and mosques, the city is home to a multi-denominational and multicultural population. Even within the midst of the ultra-modern commercial centre of the city there is evidence of its ancient roots, with colourful ancient souks, Roman ruins, cultural museums and monuments painting a picture of the history of the region.


The Rose City of Petra is a wonderland of an ancient civilization. Carved into the rock face by the nomadic Bedouin tribe, it remained hidden from the West until 1812. The ancient roadway into Petra, the Siq, a narrow gorge with rose-colored walls and cliffs, winds its way approximately 1.2 kilometres and serves as a dramatic introduction to Petra. The gorge opens up to reveal the awe-inspiring facade of the Treasury, or “Al Khazneh.”

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