The purity and fluidity of mother nature, captured in the Tide Marble Case.

Tide Marble Case | Freshfiber, 2017

Cutting through the water, feeling heavenly as you hear the crashing waves against the stone. The purity and fluidity of mother nature is captured in the Tide Case its rippled, faux marble plate. Features beautiful, intricate texture of marble in the colors Nero and Carrara. 

 Focussed on the essentials, the Tide Marble Nero & Tide Marble Carrara stands for minimalism like no other. A matte black minimalist bumper combined with a three dimensional plate of monochrome marble makes this case modern, elegant and chic. An essential piece featuring a clean aesthetic.

Inspiration for this project is taken from nature, in the form of raindrops falling onto a water surface, creating interfering water waves. The design embeds surface complexity and refraction, appearing the marble to be transformed from static to fluid by the subtle waves and ripples, frozen in time. The surface reflects light in a dynamic way, creating a subtle fluid dynamic. This intricate texture, applied to the marble surface creates an unexpected contradicting look and feel, desirable to touch.