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Stonework Perfume Case | Freshfiber + Extasin, 2017

With design we can honor scent and accompany it from its well to our nose. The design of the Stonework Perfume Case is inspired by the spiraling movement of air, often seen through smoke or mist. The facets are arranged to the Fibonacci sequence, nature’s numbering system. This arrangement appears everywhere in nature, from the leaf arrangement in plants to the pattern of florets of a flower, or the scales of a pineapple. As if carved out by hand, the Stonework case is a snap shot of how fragrance originates and moves through air.

The Stonework Perfume Case is designed to hold perfume in a safe way. By spraying a fragrance on the special ceramic coin inside, the scent stays on the case for weeks. Clean, safe and removable. The coin is made out of a ceramic material that retains the perfume and spreads it slowly but surely, day after day.

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