Inspired by a natural, organic scent.

Vertical Fruit Bowl | Study Project, 2013

The design challenge was to design a home accessory based on a provided scent. The idea behind this unusual design process was to broaden the view of the designers. The ideas would likely be totally different with this process than if we just received the task to develop a new home accessory.

The scent I received reminded me of nature and rain. I immediately started to search for images on the internet which I associated with this scent. Based on these images I sketched 2D shapes that I related to the scent. As soon as I was satisfied with this 2D shape, I remodelled the 2D shape into a 3D shape. The shape I designed was organic, started wide and ended small, based on the gradient of the scent. Inside the first scent another scent was hidden. This is why I developed the 3D shape with a hollow space on the inside. After finding the perfect 3D shape, I made a wooden vertical fruit bowl by sanding, planing and sawing the material. Not only the shape of the fruitbowl refers to the scent, but the material as well.

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