A stool with a hard look, which is unexpectedly soft.

Stone Foam Stool | Study Project, 2015

The Stone Foam Stool arose from my fascination for Installation Art. The perception, interaction and contradictions, characteristic of Installation Art are brought together in this stool. A stool with a hard look, which is unexpectedly soft.

After a material research of polyurethane soft foam material I developed a recipe that creates stone foam. Adding clay grains and pigment to liquid soft foam gives the expanded foam a raw stone texture.

The silicone mold of a negative of soapstone is filled with the mixture. The mixture inside the mold increases sixteen times in volume. During expanding, the stone foam takes over the shape of the mold. The clay granules are soaked from the casting and hereafter the stone texture appears. Finally, the casting is finetuned with multiple gray shades for a more natural result and the chrome legs are attached to the seat.


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