Enabling people to eat on-the-go more readily.

Pull Wrap Packaging | Study Project Academy Street Food, 2014

The Pull Wrap is a new packaging design, which enables people to eat on-the-go more readily.

Noticing a big surge in street food culture, Matthijs wanted to design a packaging that would ensure people could eat in a hurry, without worrying about food spillage. Eating while standing or walking elevates the risk of food spillage, onto the ground and even worse one’s clothes. The Pull Wrap aims to stop these mishaps: Users simply have to pull down the flap at the front of the wrapping, which loosens the packaging and lifts up the food to allow people to start munching on the contents.

The Pull Wrap Packaging is made out of one piece and has no separate or detachable parts. Food scraps remain inside the packaging and because of the used material (GC2 cardboard) the outside of the packaging remains clean. The Pull packaging concept is also suitable for paninis, Turkish pizzas and Vietnamese spring rolls. This packaging is also easy to assemble for vendors who need to be able to serve up dishes quickly and efficiently.

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