Conceptual brandbook for Bodum.

Brand Book Bodum | Study Project, 2014

After a research to the mission and vision of Bodum, we selected a future direction for Bodum. When Bodum will show more diversity in their product range and in the design of Bodum products, Bodum will remain their mission and vision, but they keep renew and maintain their market position. For the words for the annual Bodum ”friendly,” ”smart” and ”quality” and the word for the future direction ”diversity”, I designed a moodboard. On the basis of this moodboard I created a brand book with color, material, shape and pattern suggestions.

This brand book is meant to inspire the designers of Bodum and provide guidance during the design process. The brand continues to recognize themselfes in the book, but the new suggestions give directions to the diversity.

Color: Using multiple shades from the entire color spectrum. Less often use just one color hue in the design, or use a color tone for each product range.
Material: Frosted borosilicate glass, concrete with a fine grain, silicone with a matte finish and cork with a rough finish.
Shape: Form follows function, modular forms, simple soft shapes and sharp contrasts between various elements.
Pattern: Graphic motion and acceleration, repetitive geometric patterns and faded patterns.

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