Design proposal for Hema Design Competition 2013

Tidy Hangs Neatly | Study Project & Hema Design Competition, 2013

‘Organize your live’ was the theme of the Hema Design Competition 2013. The Hema Design Competition asked us to design a simple and smart designed new product that makes everyone’s life easier and more fun to organize.

The vision that a door is a lost space was my start of my design process. I designed the ‘Tidy Hangs Neatly’ door strap. This elastic band is 2.5 meters wide band and can be attached with Velcro. I used the elastic material, to ensure the band holds itself in place when it is attached. The elastic band has four compartments in which you can store small objects that often have no place of their own. The ‘Tidy Hangs Neatly’ can be rolled up and taken with you for a holiday. For example, a door in your hotel room van store your passport, devices and keys with the ‘Tidy Hangs Neatly’. This elastic band could be offered in the four typical Hema colors and can make someone’s life easier and more fun to organize. In addition, it can also perk up any room!

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