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Elrotation | Study Project & Elro, 2015

In collaboration with Elro, it was my challenge to redesign the standard power strip. The given style was ‘Modern’ and the most important requirement was mass production by the use of injection molding.

The Elrotation is a multiple socket that can turn its inside to the back, ensuring the cables are out of sight. so the cables are out of sight. This feature significantly improves the design, making it a nice looking instead of a disturbing object in a room. The Elrotation has three diagonal stripes on its surface, which refer to the angle of the contact points of the multiple socket.

At the start of this project, I’ve been researching the standard design of the multiple socket. By identifying the problems of the standard multiple socket, I saw multiple solutions and improvements for my redesign. After a lot of sketches, I selected the most interesting ideas and made 3D models of them with model foam. After selecting one final concept, I modeled a Solidworks model and designed this model in a way it could be injection molded. This 3D model was then 3D printed. By placing the old standard electronic parts back in its new enclosure, the Elrotation was ready to be used and to be mass-produced with injection molding.



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